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Jubilee Afternoon Teas

Jubilee Afternoon Cream Teas

We will be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June.

Our cafe will be offering delicious Jubilee Afternoon Cream Teas from 1pm to 4pm each day, available to eat in or takeaway.

The Jubilee Afternoon Cream Tea will include:

One round of sandwiches – choose from one of the following fillings:

Lemon Crab, Dill & Cucumber OR Egg & Cress Mayo OR Chicken, Chive & Parsley Mayo OR

Ham, Rocket & Tomato OR Brie, Grape & Avacado OR Rare Roast Beef & Horseradish

One Savoury Tart

Two Mini scones (one plain and one fruit scone) served with clotted cream, jam & fresh fruit

One cake 

Pot of tea for one or coffee

All for just £16pp

Booking is recommended. Call our cafe on 01392 531277 to book.


Pippa Greenwood visits our garden centre

Pippa Greenwood visits our garden centre

We were delighted to welcome Pippa Greenwood to our garden centre this spring. Pippa was visiting us in her capacity as Horticultural Manager with the HTA (Horticultural Trade Association).

Pippa Greenwood trained in plant pathology and is famed for appearing on the BBC’s Gardeners World as well as being a regular panellist on Gardener’s Question Time on BBC Radio 4.

Many of our staff were itching to meet their gardening idol; who spent a pleasant time in our cafe and viewing our own nursery grown plants in the plant area. Pippa’s passion for gardening and support for British horticulture oozes out of her and we thoroughly enjoyed discussing new initiatives and challenges that face the industry as a whole.

Mothers Day Lunch Special


Bring that special lady in your life to our garden centre this Mothering Sunday. The garden centre is bursting with colour and lots of inspiration for your garden and then enjoy delicious food from our cafe.

Delicious home cooked food

Choose from a hearty breakfast to get you going for the day, afternoon tea or why not treat yourself to our daily special which will be salmon fillet, lightly baked and served with lemon parsley sauce, new potatoes and vegetable gratin. Only £12.00 plus a small bomboniere treat for every mum.

Mothers Day Lunch Special

Our Garden Centre will be open 9am to 5pm on Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sunday. Don’t forget the clocks go forward on Sunday and our cafe closes half an hour before the main store.

Part of our Houseplant Section

Houseplant care in winter

We’ve had a lot of questions about looking after houseplants at this time of year (January).


Firstly you need to make sure your houseplants are in the right position, receiving the right amount of light and within the correct temperature range. Nearly all houseplants come with care labels that provide this kind of information, but if you’re still not sure just ask one of our plant staff when you next visit or buy a houseplant book from our book department.  As a general rule most houseplants do not like direct sunlight (as it can scorch their leaves) but most need some sunlight! Because we have less sunlight hours and a ‘weaker’ sun in winter, you may need to re-position your houseplants as we move into spring and summer.


The main cause of “houseplant death” is overwatering. If you’re not sure how much to water, it’s better to err on the dry side rather than give your plants too much water.

With all houseplants, a little bit of research goes a long way and the more you know about the plant you have the better your watering will be as by understanding where the plant grows naturally you can try and recreate those growing conditions. Cacti and succulents for example come from hot dry climates so you water them less. Some plants that come from tropical climates will benefit from increased humidity, so by placing them in a saucer filled with chippings and water you will increase the humidity around the plant. As a general rule of thumb for plants in a free draining soil you want to water when the pot feels light to lift and when the top inch of soil feels dry when you stick a finger in.


During the winter you shouldn’t need to feed your houseplants. Feeding is best during spring and summer. We sell lots of specialist feeds in our garden centre so we are certain we have the right one for your plants but if you have a variety of plants it is best to get an ‘all round’ feed. We recommend wither Baby Bio Plant food or Houseplant Focus Liquid feed. Both products are available as a concentrate you dilute with water or as a drip feeder which you can insert into your plant pots.


If you have owned your plant for sometime now, take a few seconds to look at it’s roots. Give the plastic pot your plant will have come in a gentle squeeze to loosen it and gently pull it away from the plant. If your plant roots are swirling around creating a compact root ball that is binding all the soil together; then you need to re pot it.

choose a pot that is one to two sizes larger than the post you already have as it is better for the plant to gradually increase the size of its root ball and should lead to a stronger, healthier houseplant. The size of a pot is usually marked on the bottom and will either be in cm or litres. If in doubt measure the diameter at the top  and the pot depth.

You will need a general houseplant repotting mix to complete the job.

Repotting is best completed in the spring but you can get your pot and compost now ready for when you repot in March.

Remove dust

We expect you keep a beautiful dust free house but whilst most of us give the odd dust to surfaces, houseplants tend to get forgotten. Yet houseplant leaves are surfaces too and they can get clogged!

You can either put your plants in the shower and gives them a gentle wash or for plants with smooth leaves use a cloth and gently wipe from stem to leaf tip. For hairy leaved plants, use a soft brush (like a paint brush) to brush the dust off. Your plant will look better and it will also be able to soak up more light.


When a flower has finished and started to shrivel, remove the stem from your plant to encourage more blooms to develop and help prevent disease problems. You can get scissors called snips just for the job or you can use any sharp scissors (just make sure they are clean).

Watch out for pests

There are a few common pests that can attack houseplants from time to time. The main culprits are red spider mite, mealybug, aphids, fungus gnats and scale insects.

There are several options for each type of pest but for all pests prevention is better than cure so providing you take good care of your plants, pests should stay away. However if you need to control pests there are either non-organic solutions (pesticides) or organic solutions. We have both options available to you in our shop so please tell us what you a problem with and we will find a solution. A good first step though is to remove as many culprits as possible through washing them off or crushing them between your fingers. A mild mix of washing up liquid and water creates a good wash.

Want to know more?

Our garden centre has a lot of helpful books on houseplants and their care and our staff will be pleased to assist you and offer advice in person, click here for our opening hours. 
If you want to read more online, we recommend referring to the Royal Horticultural Society.

The Tomluc Tree Book

Book signing event

Book signing event this weekend

We are very pleased to welcome local author and NHS nurse, Triona Harris, this Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th December.

Triona will be signing copies of her children’s book, “The Tomluc Tree”.

About the author

Triona Harris

Triona Harris

Triona studied English and Creative Studies at Portsmouth University, honing her love for creative writing, poetry and performance. She then travelled the world before returning to the UK to study again, this time becoming a qualified nurse in London. She now lives in Devon with her husband, twin boys, and daughter. She continues to write while juggling a busy family life and working in NHS hospitals across the county. The Tomluc Tree is her first published work.

About the book

Jack lived in Burywood. Where nothing grew, because nothing could.
Or could it…?

The Tomluc Tree is a tale of positivity and patience, teamwork and never giving up on nature and the environment.

Join determined Jack as he seeks help from the villagers of Burywood, and follow him as he embarks on an adventure to make his wish come true for years to come.

The Tomluc Tree makes a perfect Christmas Gift.

The Tomluc Tree Book

The Tomluc Tree Book


Triona will be signing copies of The Tomluc Tree this

Saturday 11th December 2pm-5pm

Sunday 12th December 10am to 1pm

St Bridget Garden Centre, Sidmouth Road, Clyst St Mary, Exeter, EX5 1AE


Black Friday Sale

Black Friday 2021

Our Black Friday sale is back by popular demand and extended!

Our sale launches on Monday 22nd November 2021 and continues until 5pm on Tuesday 30th November 2021.

We have a variety of offers across the store, with some HUGE savings available. Here is an overview of what is on offer…


Minipond Filter 9000 5W: ONLY £90  Was £129.99 Barcode 5015368010528

Clearseal Drop off Gloss Grey Aquarium ONLY £800 Was £1299

Aquaforce Pump 8000 ONLY £200 Was £240.99

Hozelock Aquaforce 8000 Pond Pump

Hozelock Aquaforce 8000 Pond Pump

Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 9000 pond filter ONLY £250 Was £356.99 

Bioforce Revolution 9000+ Aquaforce Kit ONLY £400 Was £561.99

Bioforce Revolution 14000 Pond cleaning system ONLY £300 Was £431.99

Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 14000

Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 14000

Bermuda Pond Light Set ONLY £25 Was £35.99 

Bermuda Triple Pond Light Set

Bermuda Triple Pond Light Set

Dennerle Scapers Tank 55L ONLY £60 Was £90

Dennerle Scaper's Tank 55L

Dennerle Scaper’s Tank 55L with smooth rounded corners

Dennerle Scapers Tank 70L ONLY £80 Was £110


25% off selected Spring Flowering pre-packed bulbs

Loose Tulip Bulbs – 45p each or buy 10 for £3.50


FREE coffee when you buy a £4.50 Bamboo Travel Mug


Well Groomed Gift Set ONLY £18 Was £25

Scottish Soaps Well Groomed Gift Set

Scottish Soaps Well Groomed Gift Set


Baby Bio Drip Feeder 4 pack ONLY £3.50 Was £5.30

Baby Bio set of 4 drip feeders

Baby Bio set of 4 drip feeders

Citrus Plants (Lemon, Calamondin or Kumquat) ONLY £20 each were £35 each


25% off the entire FloPro Irrigation Range

FloPro hose and accessories

FloPro hose and accessories


Buy any 2 Flowering Herbaceous Perennials and get a third plant FREE! Offer applies to selected plants in 2 litre pots.


Wilkinson Sword Deluxe Metal Bypass Pruners ONLY £12.00 Normally £21.00 Deluxe Bypass Pruners

Wilkinson Sword Deluxe Bypass Pruners in box.


25% off RHS Flower and Vegetable seed range



20% off all Christmas decorations (excludes trees, artificial flowers and lights).


Don’t forget our cafe has also launched its festive menu so make a day of it when you visit!

Our garden centre is open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sundays 10am to 4pm, you’ll find us on the Sidmouth Road at Clyst St Mary Exeter (EX5 1AE).

If you want to check a certain item is in stock before visiting, please call us on 01392 876281.

Offers available while stocks last.

Christmas Door wreath

NEW EVENT – Christmas Wreath Workshop

Join us for an evening of festive fun as our trained florist guides you through the process of making a fresh wreath for your door. Learn top tips from the expert and create a stunning show-stopping door wreath that will be the envy of your neighbours!

All equipment will be provided as well as a hot drink (coffee, tea or mulled wine) and a mince pie. Seating also provided.

Ticket numbers limited due to making this a covid secure event. Booking essential.

Tickets are £40 per person to include all materials and refreshments.

The Christmas Wreath Workshop will take place on FRIDAY 10th DECEMBER 17:30 to 19:30

To book your ticket please visit the garden centre or call 01392 876281


Boy choosing his family Christmas tree

Christmas Trees 2021

How to choose a Real Christmas Tree

There is nothing like the aroma of real Christmas trees to give that magical Christmas feeling we love.

Preparation – measure up

Before choosing your real Christmas tree, measure the space in your home (remembering that the tree stand could add height).

Visit our Exeter garden centres

Once you know your height (and diameter of space available) visit our Exeter garden centre between the 28th November and 24th December to buy your tree.

We will have four types to choose from:

  1. Nordman Fir. This is the UK’s number 1 selling tree. It has a bushy shape, strong branches for big baubles and is great for retaining it’s needles.
  2. The Fraser Fir – Quickly approaching the number 1 spot this fir is also great for retaining its needles but it has a slightly narrower shape and a beautiful fragrance.
  3. The Norway Spruce – the traditional tree as sent to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert in 1844. It’s probably what you grew up with!
  4. The Blue Spruce (only available pot grown)  – like the Norway spruce but with a gorgeous silver-blue colour to its needles. Very elegant.

Once you have picked your tree our staff will net it for you (for free) and then help you to your car. If you find you can’t get it home then ask one of our team about delivery charges to your address. We can deliver within a ten mile radius of our store.

Order your Christmas tree from home

Know what you want but can’t get to us? Don’t worry you can order your tree over the phone. Rest assured our fussy elves will always choose the best shape available as we want know this is important. We generally need at least two working days notice to cut a special order tree and we will advise you of available delivery dates and costs when you call. To order your Christmas Tree please call 01392 876281.

Getting your tree home

Once home, leave your tree upright outdoors for as long as possible. If you have a cut tree it pays to saw another 2cm/inch off the bottom to make a fresh cut, which will aid the uptake of water and keep your tree fresh for longer.

Ensure the stem is in water at all times. It is easiest to get your tree indoors and in the stand whilst still wrapped in its net. Get the tree straight and firmly in place before cutting the netting away. If you find it won’t fit in the space you want it to, take a pair of secateurs and cut off the necessary branches where they join the stem. These offcuts are great for making wreaths and other natural decorations around the house. Ensure your tree is not near a direct heat source (i.e. a fire or radiator). Water your tree daily.

All you have to do now is decorate and we’ve got a lovely selection of lights and decorations awaiting your visit.

Christmas Tree 2021 Prices

DON’T FORGET if you shop with us in November you will get a £5 off coupon on the bottom of your receipt. Bring your receipt back in December to get £5 off any one Christmas tree.


The UK’s number 1 selling Christmas Tree. Bushy shape, soft needles with high needle retention.  Premium Deluxe grade trees are well tended during growth and are pruned to give optimum shape.

120-150cm    (Blue Label) 4ft £30.00
150-175cm    (Orange Label)       2020 PRICES HELD 5ft £40.00
175-200cm    (Red Label)             2020 PRICES HELD 6ft £50.00
200-225cm    (Pink Label)            2020 PRICES HELD 7ft £65.00
225-250cm    (Yellow Label) 8ft £82.00
250-300cm 8-10ft £90.00
300-360cm 10-12ft £125.00


150-175cm    (Orange Label) 5ft £24.00
175-200cm    (Red Label)            2020 PRICES HELD 6ft £28.00
200-225cm    (Pink Label)           2020 PRICES HELD 7ft £32.00
225-250cm    (Yellow Label)       2020 PRICES HELD 8ft £42.00


120-150cm     (White Label) 4ft £26.00
150-175cm    (Orange Label) 5ft £34.00
175-200cm    (Red Label)             2020 PRICES HELD 6ft £45.00


BLUE SPRUCE 60-80cm (Orange label) 1-2ft £34.00
BLUE SPRUCE 80-100cm (Red Label) 2-3ft £38.00
BLUE SPRUCE 120-150cm (Yellow Label) 4-5ft £52.00
FRASER FIR 100-120cm (Pink Label) 3-4ft £46.00
NORDMAN FIR 60-80cm (Orange Label) 1-2ft £35.00
NORDMAN FIR 80-100cm (Red Label) 2-3ft £39.00
NORDMAN FIR 100-120cm (Pink Label) 3-4ft £46.00
NORWAY SPRUCE 120-150cm (Yellow Label) 4-5ft £44.00

DON’T FORGET if you shop with us in November you will get a £5 off coupon on the bottom of your receipt. Bring your receipt back in December to get £5 off any one Christmas tree.

Lemon plant

Oranges & Lemons

Growing citrus in the home is easy providing you follow three golden rules..

  1. Don’t overwater, just keep humidity around the plant high
  2. Remember to feed your plant regularly
  3. Keep your plant in a sunny position, away from drafts.

We currently have lemons, kumquat and calamondin available in our houseplant department.

The Kumquat is a small citrus fruit that is quite tangy and distinctively citrus to taste.

The Calamondin is a mix between mandarin, tangerine and a kumquat! It’s fruits are subsequently larger than the kumquat and more orangey to taste. The Calamondin was bred to cope better with colder temperatures.

For more detailed care instructions  for citrus fruit we recommend reading this article 

Our garden centre is open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm.