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Learn how to choose the perfect Christmas tree for your home with our helpful tips. We offer various trees for different budgets, including real cut, pot-grown, or artificial options. Starting from the 25th of November, our freshly cut Christmas trees will be available for purchase.

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Preparation – measure up

Before leaving home to get your Christmas tree, measure your space and check your tree stand. Everyone gets tempted by a big tree only to get home and find it can’t fit through the door or stand up straight! It is also important to measure the width/diameter of your space.

Once you know what size you need, the next step is deciding what look or feel you want by understanding the different varieties available. Here is a list of the varieties we will be selling this Christmas.

We will have four types to choose from:

Nordmann Fir

This is the nation’s favourite Christmas Tree because of their excellent needle holding properties. They have deep green, soft needles and are very bushy. We only stock premium deluxe grade trees which means that the stem is straight and located in the very centre of the tree. Their width will be less than the tree’s height yet wider than its halfway point and the branches will be spread evenly in near-perfect symmetry!

Our Nordmann Firs are available from 4ft to 9ft tall.

The Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir is a brilliant alternative to the Nordmann and it is particularly attractive thanks to its unrivalled needle retention. Slimmer and more conical in shape than the Nordmann, the Fraser has thick and compact branches and sometimes a less straight, marginally twisted leader (top branch). The smaller softer needles give off a citrus scent. This is the perfect choice for smaller spaces.

We will have cut Fraser Firs in 4ft and 6ft heights.

The Norway Spruce

This is the traditional Christmas Tree with a festive pine scent, and it is perfect for outdoor displays. The Norway Spruce is the cheapest tree to buy but we do advise leaving it stood outside for as long as possible as it is the worst for needle retention when placed indoors. Definitely keep it away from any heat source and keep the water reservoir in your container topped up daily. The needles can be quite sharp so it’s not a great choice if you have young children.

Our Norway Spruce trees are again Premium grade, so they have been pruned or sheared to give the picture-perfect Christmas tree shape.

We will have cut Norway Spruce trees from 5ft to 8ft heights.

The Blue Spruce

New to us this year as a cut tree is the Blue Spruce. It shines silvery blue to fresh green and whilst it has shaper needles than the Norway Spruce, this variety boasts better needle retention. With a delectable scent, this is a stunning alternative if you are looking for something different this year.

We will have 5ft tall cut Blue Spruce available.

Getting your tree home

Now you know what size and what type of tree you want, visit us to choose your tree. We drill a small hole in the middle of all our 4-6ft tall trees so that we can display them on pins. This means that it is like walking through a forest and you get to see the tree as it would be in your home (standing up). Our staff are on hand to help lift the trees off their perches and spin them around for you.

Once you are happy you have chosen the perfect tree we can then net the tree for you if you prefer. Netting is useful to make the tree narrower for getting home, the tree slides through the netting machine from the base so the branches are gently pushed upwards. We find it is easier to get your tree in its stand whilst it is still netted as that way you can get it straight without poking your eye on the branches! Once in position, fill the water reservoir on your container and then cut the netting off by cutting straight from the base to the top of your tree.

If you are not going to decorate your tree immediately, the cut the netting off and keep the tree stood up in a bucket outside. The longer you keep your tree outside the better as it will keep your tree fresher.

All you have to do now is decorate and we’ve got a lovely selection of lights and decorations awaiting your visit.


Christmas trees available from both our Exeter based garden centres.

The Perfect Christmas Tree

Guide to choosing the perfect real Christmas tree and keeping it perfect!

Find your spot

First things first, decide where your tree will go. The ideal spot is a corner away from direct heat and safe from excited toddlers, tail-wagging pets and merry adults.
If you are using mains powered tree lights, accessibility to a plug socket if necessary. Once you have the spot, measure up. Remember the extras you will need for displaying and decorating your tree, a tree topper will add heights as will a stand or table if you use one. Also measure the width of your space. We recommend you bring a tape measure when you buy your tree as whilst heights will be clearly marked on labels, widths vary!

Which Species?

Years ago buying a tree was relatively simple and you just had one choice of variety. Nowadays there are many varieties so here is our handy guide:

Nordman Fir

Norman Fir Christmas Tree

A Nordman Fir – the perfect choice for your home Christmas tree featuring reduced needle loss when compared to a Norway Spruce, softer needles and strong well spaced branches.

This is by far the most popular Christmas tree variety in the UK, best known for its fantastic needle holding ability. These trees have impressive glossy, rich green foliage on tiered branches, perfect for displaying large and decorative baubles. Soft needles make it a family-friendly choice. Its needle holding ability is also a key benefit.

We have cut Nordman Firs in the following sizes:

120-150cm £26.00

150-180cm £37.00

180-210cm £50.00

210-240cm £70.00

240-270cm £90.00

Taller trees available, please call to order.

We also have pot grown Nordman Firs starting from £50 for a 100-125cm tall tree.

Fraser Fir

Pot grown Fraser Fir

A pot grown Fraser Fir Christmas tree, perfect for planting in the garden after Christmas.

Splendid for smaller spaces due to its slimmer, conical shape, the Fraser fir also has a delicious balsam scent which fills the room for the entire festive period. The needles are green to silver in colour (on bushy branches) and have good needle retention. Please note that despite the scent, Fraser Firs not the same as a Balsam Firs which will drop their needles easily!

We have small 60-80cm Pot Grown Fraser Fir trees available for £35.00




Norway Spruce

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

The traditional Norway Spruce Christmas tree. How it all began in Victorian times.

Norway Spruce is considered the oldest traditional Christmas tree. These are bushy in shape with short, light green needles and a lovely pine scent. You must keep these trees well watered to keep needledrop to a minimum. The needles are sharper than those of the Nordman and Fraser but the trees are the cheapest to buy.

We have the following cut Norway Spruces for sale:

100-125cm £18.00

120-150cm £22.00

150-180cm £25.00

180-210cm £31.00

210-240cm £36.00

We also have 125-175cm pot grown Norway Spruces for £40.00

Blue Spruce

These Christmas trees have a silvery green to blue colour. They are pretty and have dense branches. They will hold their needles slightly better than a Norway spruce if watered regularly. Needles are one of the sharpest so we don’t advise this variety for young children.

We have pot grown Blue Spruce trees (80-100cm) available for £37.00.

Omorika (Serbian Spruce)

The Omorika has dense branches and charming two-tone green and blue foliage giving it a decorative edge. A lovely narrow shape, it is ideally suited to smaller spaces and if bought in a pot it’s even easier to prepare for your magical Christmas. We have them as 125-175cm pot grown at £45.00 each.

What to look out for when choosing your real tree

Whichever variety you choose, you will want to make sure you buy a healthy tree. There are a few things you can look out for:

1. The tree should have a good fragrance and an attractive good green colour.
2. Avoid very light weight and dry trees and steer clear of trees with a lot of browning needles.
3. Take hold of a branch about six inches from the tip between your thumb and forefinger, gently pull your hand toward you allowing the branch to slip through your fingers, needles should stay on the branch.
4. Bump the base end of the tree lightly against the ground to see if any outside needles fall off, if only a few drop off, the tree is fresh.
5. Branches should be strong enough to hold decorations and strings of lights.
Cut or Pot Grown?
If you’re worried about space and time, pot grown trees are ideal. They offer the instant solution for the busy Christmas season and can come in attractive coloured pots. Do keep them well watered while in the house and protect your furniture by using a saucer under the pot. If well looked after they can be planted out in the garden after Christmas, but please note that the tree must be pot grown and not potted. The difference is, potted trees have been lifted from a field and placed into a pot whereas pot grown trees have been grown from seed in a pot all their life and therefore will have a good, undamaged root system.
Cut trees should be treated like a cut flower and need plenty of frequent watering, but once decorated you’ll have a beautiful festive focal point for all to admire. Check that your tree stand is big enough to stably hold your tree.

Care once you are home

With cut trees, keep your Christmas tree outside in a sheltered area, preferably standing in water, until you are ready to bring it indoors. Prepare the base of the tree by cutting about a half inch to an inch (1.3cm-2.5cm) off the bottom with a saw. This helps aid water absorption. Mount your tree as soon as possible after cutting the base, onto its stand. Keep it watered daily.

With pot grown trees, keep your Christmas tree outside in a sheltered area until you are ready to bring it in. Put the pot in a saucer and maybe a protective mat to protect your surface from scratching or water damage. Water your tree frequently.

Order your tree online


We work with our suppliers to provide you with a direct delivery service. You pick the exact tree you want from the comfort of your home and then the actual tree you chose on your screen is delivered directly to your door – anywhere in mainland UK.  Please note, prices for this convenient service will be slightly different to the prices listed above and our normal delivery charges.