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Seedling pushing up through compost

Gardening this February – time to think about about the ‘To Do List’

Time to think about the ‘To Do List’

Preparation, preparation, preparation… they key to success.

We are beginning to see genuine glimpse of Spring, while inevitably feeling the occasional chill and remnants of winter – there are still some frosts on high ground and hat and scarf winds along the coast.

Bulbs are pushing through, snowdrops are abundant and hints of colour are teasing their way into view. Additionally we are welcoming the longer, lighter evenings and the skies are bringing us more sunshine.

February is the perfect time to begin the process of preparing many parts of your garden, not least your greenhouse. 

Here are some February Tips: 

  • February is the time to prepare your greenhouse for spring by improving the ventilation, shading and heating. Think about installing an automatic vent opener. These are simple to fit and work on a simple piston. Inside the piston there is oil. When temperatures rise the oil expands and pushes the piston lever up, thus opening your roof vent. Netting and bubble wrap can easily be clipped to the metal down posts of your greenhouse using clips that we sell in the garden centre.
  • February is tidy up the greenhouse time. Get rid of any broken pots, old compost or debris that could hide unwanted visitors. Give it a good sweep out and consider using a greenhouse disinfectant to ensure you have a disease free home for your new plants.
  • February is round 2 of sowing winter salad in the greenhouse, conservatory or on a sunny windowsill, winter lettuce is a good choice.
  • February is the time to move any potted strawberry plants under cover to encourage early fruiting.
  • February is the time to check (again) your overwintering plants for aphids, mealy bugs and other pests, and take action where necessary.
  • February is the time to re-visit any potted peaches you may have brought into the greenhouse to avoid leaf curl disease.
  • February is perfect to sow seeds of colourful hardy annuals, such as Cornflowers, California Poppies, Larkspur, Love in the Mist and Borage. Use modular trays for early flowering.
  • February is the time to repot any Phalenopsis (Moth Orchids) if they look like they’re about to burst out of their pot and have finished flowering. We sell clear orchid pots in our garden centre which are vital to orchid success as they like their roots to see the light!

Here’s to your busy weekend of gardening… enjoy