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Thu 1 Apr 2021

How to plant a hanging basket

The low down on the high up – hanging baskets! Hanging baskets are a fail-safe way to bring bursts of colour to an otherwise dull wall, or a perfect way to incorporate flowers and greenery when you are pushed for space. With the help of a greenhouse, April is the best time to start planting […]

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Mon 1 Mar 2021

March Focus on Pots & Containers - Entrances

Pots and Containers – ideas to bring your “space” to life It isn’t a myth; gardens are getting smaller and for many of us, they’re so small it’s hard to know what to do, where to start, what to use and indeed how to create our own little sanctuary. Sometimes it’s best to think about […]

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Sat 27 Feb 2021

A host of golden daffodils

Daffodils It’s only when there are masses of golden yellow flowers everywhere in March and April that many of us realise that once again we forgot to plant daffodil bulbs last year. Change that pattern this year by making a note in your diary now (go on, you know you’ll forget again otherwise). Put the entry […]

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Mon 22 Feb 2021

Gardening this February - time to think about about the ‘To Do List’

Time to think about the ‘To Do List’ Preparation, preparation, preparation… they key to success. We are beginning to see genuine glimpse of Spring, while inevitably feeling the occasional chill and remnants of winter – there are still some frosts on high ground and hat and scarf winds along the coast. Bulbs are pushing through, […]

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Thu 4 Jun 2020

Heavenly Hydrangeas

We’re having a late spring/early summer show of heavenly hydrangeas at our Clyst St Mary Garden Centre.   At St Bridget’s we grow six different species of hydrangea! The most showy of these are Mop-heads (Hydrangea macrophylla).   Hydrangea plants are versatile shrubs for any garden, they can put up with soils many other plants […]

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Mon 24 Feb 2020

Primrose Festival 2020 Results

During February Half Term we held our third Primrose Festival. Despite the rather grim weather, the week celebrated the glorious colour from the primula family of plants. We had over 12 different varieties of primrose and polyanthus on display and asked visitors to vote for their favourite variety. The results Every variety received at least […]

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Thu 14 Nov 2019

Christmas Trees 2019

How to choose a Real Christmas Tree There is nothing like the aroma of real Christmas trees to give that magical Christmas feeling we love. Preparation – measure up Before choosing your real Christmas tree, measure the space in your home (remembering that the tree stand could add height). Visit our Exeter garden centres Once […]

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Mon 21 Oct 2019

Hardy Cyclamen

Our home grown cyclamen are always our best selling plant in autumn and winter but what makes these tiny plants so popular? What are Hardy Cyclamen? Cyclamen are a tuberous plant and as such are perfect for naturalising under trees or banks in a shady border. What this means is over time (years) the plant […]

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Sun 13 Oct 2019

How to plant a tree

Preparation When preparing your ground to plant a tree you need to make a hole about 1 metre (3-4ft) in diameter. If planting in the middle of a lawn, skim the turf and dispose and then take out the top foot (30cm) of soil and set to one side. Fork your sub soil to a […]

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Fri 27 Sep 2019

Hyacinths for Christmas

How to grow Hyacinths for Christmas Today (27th September) is just 88 days from Christmas. One of our favourite Christmas Gifts to grow are Hyacinths. Hyacinths have beautiful tiny star shaped blooms that amass to create a bold floral display with the added bonus of a sweet fragrance. To get them to flower by Christmas […]

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