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Thu 24 Aug 2023

Dealing With Box Tree Caterpillar

Box Moth Caterpillar is a relatively new pest to the South West of England. We thought you ought to know that a fair few customers have found Caterpillar on their Box bushes this month! Because of this, we thought we’d share hints and tips from our Plant Team on how to deal with this common […]

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Tue 9 May 2023

How to Lay Turf

Turf is pre-grown grass seed that’s been cut from the ground with a slice of top soil. It’s like a grassy carpet that can be laid to create a new lawn from scratch or to fix patchy areas in an existing lawn. You can lay turf throughout the year, as long as the soil isn’t […]

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Thu 4 May 2023

Watch out for late frosts and cold winds

We’ve had several customers show us photos of plants in their garden that have had the leaves suddenly shrivel up or brown. The cause in these examples were actually wind damage or what we call ‘scorch’ caused by the cold winds we have had lately and the occasional frost. Potential Plant Damage Cold winds remove […]

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Thu 30 Mar 2023


The weather is getting milder, the sun is coming out and the days are getting longer. Spring has finally sprung! There are lots of reasons to visit us over the Easter holidays. Easter Holiday Family Fun! We’re inviting children to take part in our fun Easter Hunt in the Easter holidays. Pick up a clue […]

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Wed 22 Mar 2023


March is the perfect time to start preparing your kitchen garden for an abundant harvest later in the year! Start Sowing Your Vegetable Seeds Starting off growth indoors or in the greenhouse is the perfect way to maximise the growing life of vegetables but you need to ensure temperatures are at least 10C before transferring […]

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Mon 20 Mar 2023


It’s the Spring Equinox the first buds are breaking open on St Bridget’s collection of Magnolia. Pop in to our Plant-Area this March to see these show-stopper shrubs. Best for Scent At St Bridget we grow a good selection of Magnolia, from small and medium shrubs to larger shrubs and small trees. Our Magnolia produce […]

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Tue 14 Mar 2023


There’s so much we gardeners can do for wildlife. Large or small, lawn or courtyard, our gardens provide a patchwork of green spaces for wildlife. While your space might not provide the complete habitat some species need to breed, it may provide the food they need to find that new mate or place to build […]

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Mon 27 Feb 2023


St Bridget propagate and grow 30 varieties of Camellia and our 2023 collection is now on show at our Garden Centre. Camellia have glossy green leaves all year with big buds opening to a beautiful show of flowers from late winter into early spring. The stunning flowers can be single or double and range from […]

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Thu 23 Feb 2023


Ever fancied eating your own home grown spuds and not sure how to do it? Wondered why you should are supposed to buy seed potatoes rather than plant your supermarket ones? Well let us shed some light for you… Why shouldn’t you plant supermarket potatoes? Your average potato from the supermarket will grow into a potato […]

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Wed 15 Feb 2023


Valentine’s Day marks the start of National Nest Box Week. Garden birds are pairing off and beginning to look for nesting sites so it really is the perfect time to add a nest box to your garden. Our gardens, parks and woodlands are becoming neater and tidier and this deprives birds of natural holes to […]

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