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Boy choosing his family Christmas tree

Christmas Trees 2021

How to choose a Real Christmas Tree

There is nothing like the aroma of real Christmas trees to give that magical Christmas feeling we love.

Preparation – measure up

Before choosing your real Christmas tree, measure the space in your home (remembering that the tree stand could add height).

Visit our Exeter garden centres

Once you know your height (and diameter of space available) visit our Exeter garden centre between the 28th November and 24th December to buy your tree.

We will have four types to choose from:

  1. Nordman Fir. This is the UK’s number 1 selling tree. It has a bushy shape, strong branches for big baubles and is great for retaining it’s needles.
  2. The Fraser Fir – Quickly approaching the number 1 spot this fir is also great for retaining its needles but it has a slightly narrower shape and a beautiful fragrance.
  3. The Norway Spruce – the traditional tree as sent to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert in 1844. It’s probably what you grew up with!
  4. The Blue Spruce (only available pot grown)  – like the Norway spruce but with a gorgeous silver-blue colour to its needles. Very elegant.

Once you have picked your tree our staff will net it for you (for free) and then help you to your car. If you find you can’t get it home then ask one of our team about delivery charges to your address. We can deliver within a ten mile radius of our store.

Order your Christmas tree from home

Know what you want but can’t get to us? Don’t worry you can order your tree over the phone. Rest assured our fussy elves will always choose the best shape available as we want know this is important. We generally need at least two working days notice to cut a special order tree and we will advise you of available delivery dates and costs when you call. To order your Christmas Tree please call 01392 876281.

Getting your tree home

Once home, leave your tree upright outdoors for as long as possible. If you have a cut tree it pays to saw another 2cm/inch off the bottom to make a fresh cut, which will aid the uptake of water and keep your tree fresh for longer.

Ensure the stem is in water at all times. It is easiest to get your tree indoors and in the stand whilst still wrapped in its net. Get the tree straight and firmly in place before cutting the netting away. If you find it won’t fit in the space you want it to, take a pair of secateurs and cut off the necessary branches where they join the stem. These offcuts are great for making wreaths and other natural decorations around the house. Ensure your tree is not near a direct heat source (i.e. a fire or radiator). Water your tree daily.

All you have to do now is decorate and we’ve got a lovely selection of lights and decorations awaiting your visit.

Christmas Tree 2021 Prices

DON’T FORGET if you shop with us in November you will get a £5 off coupon on the bottom of your receipt. Bring your receipt back in December to get £5 off any one Christmas tree.


The UK’s number 1 selling Christmas Tree. Bushy shape, soft needles with high needle retention.  Premium Deluxe grade trees are well tended during growth and are pruned to give optimum shape.

120-150cm    (Blue Label) 4ft £30.00
150-175cm    (Orange Label)       2020 PRICES HELD 5ft £40.00
175-200cm    (Red Label)             2020 PRICES HELD 6ft £50.00
200-225cm    (Pink Label)            2020 PRICES HELD 7ft £65.00
225-250cm    (Yellow Label) 8ft £82.00
250-300cm 8-10ft £90.00
300-360cm 10-12ft £125.00


150-175cm    (Orange Label) 5ft £24.00
175-200cm    (Red Label)            2020 PRICES HELD 6ft £28.00
200-225cm    (Pink Label)           2020 PRICES HELD 7ft £32.00
225-250cm    (Yellow Label)       2020 PRICES HELD 8ft £42.00


120-150cm     (White Label) 4ft £26.00
150-175cm    (Orange Label) 5ft £34.00
175-200cm    (Red Label)             2020 PRICES HELD 6ft £45.00


BLUE SPRUCE 60-80cm (Orange label) 1-2ft £34.00
BLUE SPRUCE 80-100cm (Red Label) 2-3ft £38.00
BLUE SPRUCE 120-150cm (Yellow Label) 4-5ft £52.00
FRASER FIR 100-120cm (Pink Label) 3-4ft £46.00
NORDMAN FIR 60-80cm (Orange Label) 1-2ft £35.00
NORDMAN FIR 80-100cm (Red Label) 2-3ft £39.00
NORDMAN FIR 100-120cm (Pink Label) 3-4ft £46.00
NORWAY SPRUCE 120-150cm (Yellow Label) 4-5ft £44.00

DON’T FORGET if you shop with us in November you will get a £5 off coupon on the bottom of your receipt. Bring your receipt back in December to get £5 off any one Christmas tree.