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Tue 7 May 2024


Gardeners often worry about dealing with slugs and snails, which are consistently ranked among the most troublesome pests in gardens. They eat away at the fresh growth of valuable plants, destroy seedlings overnight, and leave behind irregular holes in leaves, stems, and flowers, marked by their shiny slime trails. Slugs remain active throughout much of […]

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Wed 3 Apr 2024


April is characterised as the month of sunshine and showers. There’s a lot to feel excited about as spring blossoms into its full glory, and tulips and flowering cherries adorn the landscape with bursts of colour. Amidst the occasional rainy days punctuated by sunny interludes, you can turn your attention to tending the vegetable plot. […]

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Tue 12 Mar 2024


The weather is getting milder, the sun is coming out and the days are getting longer. Spring has finally sprung! If you visit St Bridget now, you’ll be greeted by a multitude of spring plants for your garden. We have new plants arriving daily – all fresh from our nursery and garden-ready. There are lots of other reasons to […]

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Tue 9 May 2023

How to Lay Turf

Turf is pre-grown grass seed that’s been cut from the ground with a slice of top soil. It’s like a grassy carpet that can be laid to create a new lawn from scratch or to fix patchy areas in an existing lawn. You can lay turf throughout the year, as long as the soil isn’t […]

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Thu 4 May 2023

Watch out for late frosts and cold winds

We’ve had several customers show us photos of plants in their garden that have had the leaves suddenly shrivel up or brown. The cause in these examples were actually wind damage or what we call ‘scorch’ caused by the cold winds we have had lately and the occasional frost. Potential Plant Damage Cold winds remove […]

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Mon 20 Mar 2023


It’s the Spring Equinox the first buds are breaking open on St Bridget’s collection of Magnolia. Pop in to our Plant-Area this March to see these show-stopper shrubs. Best for Scent At St Bridget we grow a good selection of Magnolia, from small and medium shrubs to larger shrubs and small trees. Our Magnolia produce […]

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Thu 1 Apr 2021

How to plant a hanging basket

The low down on the high up – hanging baskets! Hanging baskets are a fail-safe way to bring bursts of colour to an otherwise dull wall, or a perfect way to incorporate flowers and greenery when you are pushed for space. With the help of a greenhouse, April is the best time to start planting […]

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Mon 1 Mar 2021

March Focus on Pots & Containers - Entrances

Pots and Containers – ideas to bring your “space” to life It isn’t a myth; gardens are getting smaller and for many of us, they’re so small it’s hard to know what to do, where to start, what to use and indeed how to create our own little sanctuary. Sometimes it’s best to think about […]

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Mon 24 Feb 2020

Primrose Festival 2020 Results

During February Half Term we held our third Primrose Festival. Despite the rather grim weather, the week celebrated the glorious colour from the primula family of plants. We had over 12 different varieties of primrose and polyanthus on display and asked visitors to vote for their favourite variety. The results Every variety received at least […]

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Thu 22 Aug 2019

Spring flowering bulbs

Now’s the time to plant spring flowering bulbs The majority of spring bulbs benefit from being planted early from September onwards. Even though tulips should not be planted until November it is best to buy them now so you guarantee getting the varieties you like. Planting tulips later in the autumn helps reduce the risk of […]

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