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Wed 13 Dec 2023


The poinsettia (scientifically known as Euphorbia pulcherrima) has claimed the title of the UK’s most popular houseplant during the Christmas season. Recognised as the Christmas Star flower, this plant hails from Mexico and sees over eight million sales in the UK annually. Blooming from mid-November to January, the poinsettia serves as an iconic festive adornment […]

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Fri 24 Nov 2023


Learn how to choose the perfect Christmas tree for your home with our helpful tips. We offer various trees for different budgets, including real cut, pot-grown, or artificial options. Starting from the 25th of November, our freshly cut Christmas trees will be available for purchase. Don’t forget to use your coupon to enjoy £5 off […]

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Mon 13 Feb 2023


Whilst February is still too cold to sow many seeds directly into the soil outside, there are still plenty of seeds you can start to grow inside. The most ideal conditions would be in a propagator or greenhouse but a warm bright window sell works just as well. When you buy a packet of seed […]

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Mon 22 Feb 2021

Gardening this February - time to think about about the ‘To Do List’

Time to think about the ‘To Do List’ Preparation, preparation, preparation… they key to success. We are beginning to see genuine glimpse of Spring, while inevitably feeling the occasional chill and remnants of winter – there are still some frosts on high ground and hat and scarf winds along the coast. Bulbs are pushing through, […]

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Sat 17 Aug 2019

Get out in your garden, maintain what you have and enjoy the great outdoors

It is August, children are still on school holidays and so this month we focus on getting out in your garden, maintaining what you have and most importantly enjoying the great outdoors.     HERE IS A BRIEF OUTLINE OF SOME OF THE ACTIVITIES YOU MAY WANT TO DO IN YOUR GARDEN THIS AUGUST:   […]

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Thu 15 Aug 2019

Get Creative with Ornamental Grasses this August

GET CREATIVE WITH ORNAMENTAL GRASSES THIS AUGUST From dainty Blue Fescue Grass to majestic Miscanthus, ornamental grasses provide texture, character and form; unmatched by many other hardy perennials. In large borders grasses can be planted in bold groups or striking drifts, but many varieties perform well in large patio pots, positioned where their individual shape […]

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Sun 25 Nov 2018


Fluctuating surges of temperature, dry air, short days and limited natural light are the four main problems affecting houseplants as the winter months draw near. To alleviate the strain on your beloved houseplants then remember to take extra care of them over the next few months to keep them happy.    WATER LESS This may […]

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Wed 24 Jan 2018

End of the January blues - let's get gardening

So we’re nearly there, the end of the January blues – let’s get gardening! Sow your vegetable seeds As we near February it’s a good time to consider what vegetables you want to grow in the garden. Many vegetable seeds can be sown indoors from February such as Asparagus, Beetroot, Summer Cabbage, Lettuce, Parsley, Early […]

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Wed 17 Jan 2018

Tips from Tammy - January

January can be a harsh month and one where we don’t venture out into the garden very much, if at all. But it’s also the time of year when gardens are planned and we can start to get some of those early seeds on their way, ready to provide food for our tables or flowers […]

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Sat 25 Feb 2017

Check for Wind Damage

Wind damage? Time to check the garden Now that we’ve seen the back of Storm Doris, it’s a good time to get out into the garden and check for wind damage. Secure climbers if necessary and if any newly planted trees have moved then re-plant and stake them. Prune and support Look up into tree […]

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