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Thu 4 May 2023

Watch out for late frosts and cold winds

We’ve had several customers show us photos of plants in their garden that have had the leaves suddenly shrivel up or brown. The cause in these examples were actually wind damage or what we call ‘scorch’ caused by the cold winds we have had lately and the occasional frost. Potential Plant Damage Cold winds remove […]

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Mon 20 Mar 2023


It’s the Spring Equinox the first buds are breaking open on St Bridget’s collection of Magnolia. Pop in to our Plant-Area this March to see these show-stopper shrubs. Best for Scent At St Bridget we grow a good selection of Magnolia, from small and medium shrubs to larger shrubs and small trees. Our Magnolia produce […]

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Mon 30 Jan 2023


Did you know? Pollination goes on all year long! Flowering plants have evolved to produce scent to attract any pollinators that may be in the neighbourhood (bumble-bees, butterflies, moths, and bats). Winter flowering plants are in bloom when honey-bees are not active so must rely on other pollinators, such as bumble-bees, and other flying insects, […]

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Wed 18 Jan 2023


We get a lot of questions about looking after houseplants at this time of year. Many people feel the need to fill the gap left by taking their Christmas tree down with other indoor greenery. Houseplants are a brilliant way of adding a calming presence to any room – plus they have lots of health […]

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Sat 19 Nov 2022


After a relatively mild start to Autumn it is easy to get caught out by the first frost of the season. When it is not practical to lift and move tender plants to shelter, wrapping them up is the best form of protection. To wrap your plants there are several methods you can use: Wrap […]

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Wed 19 Oct 2022

Sow Green Manure This Autumn

If you have a vegetable plot or allotment it’s highly likely that now we are in mid autumn, some of your plot has become bare (fallow) as your summer crops have finished. Rather than leave the soil fallow until spring, we highly recommend sowing green manure seed. Grown to benefit the soil, green manure can […]

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Thu 1 Apr 2021

How to plant a hanging basket

The low down on the high up – hanging baskets! Hanging baskets are a fail-safe way to bring bursts of colour to an otherwise dull wall, or a perfect way to incorporate flowers and greenery when you are pushed for space. With the help of a greenhouse, April is the best time to start planting […]

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Mon 1 Mar 2021

March Focus on Pots & Containers - Entrances

Pots and Containers – ideas to bring your “space” to life It isn’t a myth; gardens are getting smaller and for many of us, they’re so small it’s hard to know what to do, where to start, what to use and indeed how to create our own little sanctuary. Sometimes it’s best to think about […]

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Mon 22 Feb 2021

Gardening this February - time to think about about the ‘To Do List’

Time to think about the ‘To Do List’ Preparation, preparation, preparation… they key to success. We are beginning to see genuine glimpse of Spring, while inevitably feeling the occasional chill and remnants of winter – there are still some frosts on high ground and hat and scarf winds along the coast. Bulbs are pushing through, […]

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Thu 4 Jun 2020

Heavenly Hydrangeas

We’re having a late spring/early summer show of heavenly hydrangeas at our Clyst St Mary Garden Centre.   At St Bridget’s we grow six different species of hydrangea! The most showy of these are Mop-heads (Hydrangea macrophylla). Hydrangea plants are versatile shrubs for any garden, they can put up with soils many other plants can’t […]

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