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Using Roses Alongside Other Shrubs In Pots

Using Roses Alongside Other Shrubs in Pots

Roses and small shrubs such as Skimmia Japonica and Euonymus Fortunei together form very attractive centre pieces in outdoor containers. Edge them with variegated ivies and ornamental cabbages or tumbling geraniums to fall or drift over the pot.

Pale pink and small bright pink roses and geranium

Growing Roses In Containers

Growing Roses In Containers 

If you are a lover of roses and can’t wait to see them all in flower, why not get a head start now? Ground cover roses, patio roses and all of our miniatures are perfect for pots and containers.

Ideally roses should be bought in threes to make a “huge wow” in a big tub, but single plants can also look beautiful in 30cm (12 inch) pots. The important thing is to consider the depth. The plants need a good root run. We recommend you allow 25cm (10 inches) for the smallest varieties and up to 40cm (16 inches) for ground cover roses.

We recommend you use a soil based compost such as John Innes No 2 or ask a member of the St Bridget’s team what else we have in stock for you.

Your roses need to be pruned hard. Never be nervous. Cut the thicker shoots back to 4 buds and the thinner ones to two, always cutting to just above a bud that faces outwards. You can then stand the plants in a sunny cold frame until April or put them straight into a cool greenhouse or conservatory where they’ll grow a little taller than normal and essentially, flower several weeks earlier!

Water them regularly but avoid letting them get waterlogged and after 6 weeks give them a feed and then repeat (feed) every fortnight.