Growing Roses In Containers

Growing Roses In Containers 

If you are a lover of roses and can’t wait to see them all in flower, why not get a head start now? Ground cover roses, patio roses and all of our miniatures are perfect for pots and containers.

Ideally roses should be bought in threes to make a “huge wow” in a big tub, but single plants can also look beautiful in 30cm (12 inch) pots. The important thing is to consider the depth. The plants need a good root run. We recommend you allow 25cm (10 inches) for the smallest varieties and up to 40cm (16 inches) for ground cover roses.

We recommend you use a soil based compost such as John Innes No 2 or ask a member of the St Bridget’s team what else we have in stock for you.

Your roses need to be pruned hard. Never be nervous. Cut the thicker shoots back to 4 buds and the thinner ones to two, always cutting to just above a bud that faces outwards. You can then stand the plants in a sunny cold frame until April or put them straight into a cool greenhouse or conservatory where they’ll grow a little taller than normal and essentially, flower several weeks earlier!

Water them regularly but avoid letting them get waterlogged and after 6 weeks give them a feed and then repeat (feed) every fortnight.