Primrose Festival Results!

Primula Zebra Blue - voted as our most popular primrose variety 2018.

Primrose Festival 2018

During February half term we held a Primrose Festival in our garden centres, showcasing a wide selection of the wonderful members of the primula family. We asked all our customers to vote for their favourite primula variety.

The winner is…

We have now counted and verified all votes. There was a clear range of favourites with every variety securing votes but there was one clear winner. We can now reveal that the most popular variety for 2018 is…Primula Zebra Blue (see photo).

More about the variety

‘Zebra Blue’ is a rosette-forming, semi-evergreen perennial. It has heavily veined, dark green leaves and from midwinter into spring there are slightly fragrant, salver-shaped white/pale blue flowers with dark blue veins and yellow centres. It is the unusual stripes that make this a showstopper and ‘something different’ for the garden.

We have contacted the winner of our prize draw and they will soon be collecting their prize of a propagator and £15 worth of seeds to grow. Thank you to everyone who entered.

We still have a small range of primroses in stock to brighten your garden once the snow recedes.