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Mon 20 Nov 2023


November brings specific tasks for our gardens as it is crucial time to prepare for the colder weather while also enjoying the remaining autumnal beauty. We discuss activities essential for maintaining garden health during the approaching winter and ensuring a vibrant garden when spring arrives. Read our blog to discover how to care for our […]

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Thu 26 Oct 2023

What To Feed Garden Birds

The nation has a love affair with feeding garden birds. For some, it is the simple pleasure of watching some of our most beautiful and colourful wildlife. For others it comes from a compassionate need to nurture and assist in cold periods. By and large feeding garden birds in winter does help birds survive but […]

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Mon 23 Oct 2023

How To Plant A Tree

While our gardens may be entering their dormant phase, you can continue to enhance your autumn and winter garden by introducing trees that will add colour to even the dreariest days. Autumn is the perfect season for tree planting due to the warm moist soil. If you have purchased a new tree (hopefully from us) […]

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Wed 19 Oct 2022

Sow Green Manure This Autumn

If you have a vegetable plot or allotment it’s highly likely that now we are in mid autumn, some of your plot has become bare (fallow) as your summer crops have finished. Rather than leave the soil fallow until spring, we highly recommend sowing green manure seed. Grown to benefit the soil, green manure can […]

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Sun 13 Oct 2019

How to plant a tree

Preparation When preparing your ground to plant a tree you need to make a hole about 1 metre (3-4ft) in diameter. If planting in the middle of a lawn, skim the turf and dispose and then take out the top foot (30cm) of soil and set to one side. Fork your sub soil to a […]

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Mon 2 Sep 2019

Why so popular?

Our home grown cyclamen are always our best selling plant in autumn and winter but what makes these tiny plants so popular? Cyclamen are a tuberous plant and as such are perfect for naturalising under trees or banks in a shady border. What this means is over time (years) the plant will duplicate underground, producing […]

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Sat 17 Aug 2019

Get out in your garden, maintain what you have and enjoy the great outdoors

It is August, children are still on school holidays and so this month we focus on getting out in your garden, maintaining what you have and most importantly enjoying the great outdoors.     HERE IS A BRIEF OUTLINE OF SOME OF THE ACTIVITIES YOU MAY WANT TO DO IN YOUR GARDEN THIS AUGUST:   […]

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Thu 15 Aug 2019

Get Creative with Ornamental Grasses this August

GET CREATIVE WITH ORNAMENTAL GRASSES THIS AUGUST From dainty Blue Fescue Grass to majestic Miscanthus, ornamental grasses provide texture, character and form; unmatched by many other hardy perennials. In large borders grasses can be planted in bold groups or striking drifts, but many varieties perform well in large patio pots, positioned where their individual shape […]

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Mon 29 Oct 2018

Before you light your bonfire

Don’t forget to check for unsuspecting guests   It’s that time of year for clearing out the debris, cutting back and generally tidying up the garden area before the winter season rolls in, but before you put your garden clutter in a pile for burning, here’s a few useful tips to ensure you’ve taken every […]

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Thu 11 Oct 2018

Top Tips for gardening this October

As we move nearer winter, October is definitely the time to ‘batten down the hatches’ as it were, in the garden! Here are our top gardening tips for October. Plant up your patio containers Remove dead and spent summer flowering bedding and replace the compost in your pots. Layer spring flowering bulbs in your pot […]

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