July in the Kitchen Garden

It’s gearing up to be a busy time in the kitchen garden. Here our our top tips for July:

Top Tips

Plant specially prepared potato tubers for a Christmas crop. Imagine home grown puds on Christmas Day – yum yum. Plant in a sheltered spot.

Treat woolly aphid on apples by scrubbing off their white protective ‘wool’ with a stiff bristled brush.

Ensure all your fruit and vegetables get watered regularly ideally using harvested rainwater.

If you find orange spots on the top of pear leaves, it is pear rust. Pick off and destroy the affected leaves.

If you are growing cordon tomatoes, remove the main shoot where they hit your greenhouse roof or a leaf or two above the seventh flower truss if that is sooner.

Prune your plums and cherries after fruiting. Remove the damaged, weak and crossing branches first and then thin out remaining branches if necessary.

For more detailed advice please visit one of our Exeter based garden centres and ask one of our friendly plant team.