After a relatively mild start to Autumn it is easy to get caught out by the first frost of the season. When it is not practical to lift and move tender plants to shelter, wrapping them up is the best form of protection.

To wrap your plants there are several methods you can use:

Wrap plant pots with bubble wrap, this keeps the soil and most importantly the roots warm.
Cover your tender plants with horticultural fleece. You can buy fleece jackets to pop over plants (we sell them in the garden centre) or you can create wigwams with bamboo canes and then wrap fleece around it (we sell fleece by the running metre in our garden centre shop). Tree ferns can be protected by packing the trunk in fleece and protecting the crown with a packing of straw. Ensure the area around your tree ferns are well mulched to protect the roots from frost.
If you are not sure how tender your garden plants are then please call our plant team to ask or we recommend the RHS plant finder.