Now is a great time to ensure your pond stays in tip top condition whether it is an ornamental fish pond or wildlife pond.

If you have a fish pond, now is the time to clean any filters or pumps. It is also important to remove any rotting leaves from the water as they can give off noxious chemicals as they decay. Remove any leaves and unwanted debris that have fallen into your pond using a fine net.

It’s also a good time to review the plants around your pond and cut back any overhanging branches. Consider thinning or cutting plants back to allow your pond to get plenty of winter sunlight .

Don’t forget to start feeding your fish wheatgerm fish food pellets once the temperature gets below 10 degrees. If your fish stop feeding, resume once the temperature rises again.

Finally cut off and remove fading leaves and flowers from your accessible aquatic plants to prevent them from decomposing – this will also encourage regrowth next year.