How To Plant A Tree

While our gardens may be entering their dormant phase, you can continue to enhance your autumn and winter garden by introducing trees that will add colour to even the dreariest days. Autumn is the perfect season for tree planting due to the warm moist soil.

If you have purchased a new tree (hopefully from us) and want to plant it, here’s a step-by-step guide to giving your tree the best start.

How to plant a tree

> Give it a good water before you take it out of the pot. Remove the tree from its pot and gently tease out the some of the outer roots where possible.

> Dig a hole to the depth of the rootball and loosen the soil below the hole. You also want to dig/loosen the soil to at least three times the root system diameter to help the roots grow outwards for stability. Round holes are easier to mow around if you are planting in a lawn and interestingly it is believed that square holes help root penetration at the corners on heavy soils.

> Position the tree in the hole so the point where the trunk base widens to meet the main roots (known as the flare) is level with the natural soil surface of your land. Sprinkle some mycorrhizal fungi on the roots (look for the product Rootgrow in our garden care section)

> Refill the planting hole adding a good tree planting compost with a mix of the soil removed from the hole. Ensure there are no pockets of air around the roots.

> Gently stamp over the area to firm the soil around the tree but don’t over compact it.

> Push a tree stake in at 45 degrees so the end of the stake faces the prevailing wind direction (the SW) ensuring that your stake does not hit the main rootball. Alternatively, you can stake parallel to the tree trunk placing the stake on the windward side.

> Secure the tree to the stake with a rubber tree tie (available from our garden accessories department) If necessary, you can also use a tree guard to protect the base of the trunk from deer and rabbits.

> Place a thick (10-15cm / 4-6in) layer of mulch around your tree to retain moisture and reduce weed growth. Avoid putting the mulch too close to the trunk.

> If you are planting in the autumn, you shouldn’t have to worry about watering but if we do have an unseasonably dry period then it is worth watering.

> Keep your tree planting area free of weeds and watered in dry hot periods for the next three years whilst your tree fully establishes itself.

Trees at St Bridget

We have an extensive selection of trees including evergreen, deciduous, ornamental and fruit-bearing varieties and would be pleased to help you make your tree selection.

We are certain to offer the ideal tree for your outdoor space, that will not only add colour and beauty to your garden, but create much needed shelter and food for wildlife as well.