Dealing With Box Tree Caterpillar

Box Moth Caterpillar is a relatively new pest to the South West of England. We thought you ought to know that a fair few customers have found Caterpillar on their Box bushes this month! Because of this, we thought we’d share hints and tips from our Plant Team on how to deal with this common problem.

Cydalima Perspectalis, known as Box Moth Caterpillar is a moth larvae that feeds on Buxus (Box) plants. In summertime, they can be seen with webbing on plants and can strip leaves causing die back. The Plant Team at St Bridget are happy to offer advice for the loving care of all the garden plants we grow.

What Can You Do?

If you spot an infestation, wearing gloves, pick off all the caterpillars that you can spot. You can also use various pesticides that you can buy, including organic options. Or if you’d prefer, there are natural enemies such as nematodes and  parasitic wasps.

Time to Think Alt-Box?

There are alternatives to Box plants that you might want to consider growing including Euonymus or Pittosporum. Why not come into the Garden Centre and have a chat with our Plant Team about suitable replacements.

Can We Help You?

If you can’t see any caterpillars, but your Box plant isn’t looking too good you might be suffering from Box Blight. Please take a close up photograph or two and email it to us at gardening@stbridgetnurseries.co.uk and we’ll be able to advise you.

For more information on Box Moth Caterpillar we strongly recommend the Royal Horticultural Society. Take a look at their helpful advice here: www.RHS.org,uk