Top Tips for adding colour this winter

Here are our top tips for adding extra colour to your garden this winter.

  1. Choose your planting sites carefully. Ensure new plants are positioned in full view from a window or prime position by patio doors so you can enjoy them every time you look outside on dull days.
  2. Add winter colour to your front garden to welcome you home and cheer-up your local neighbourhood.
  3. Fill patio pots and baskets with hardy winter bedding plants, like pansies and violas with cheerful faces in a kaleidoscope of colours.
  4. Buy pots of bulbs to create a carpet of colour under trees and shrubs. Whilst the time has passed to plant winter and early spring flowers from bulbs (make a note for this September) you can buy them now already growing in pots.  They’ll establish better from growing plants, look out for snowdrops among others.
  5. Plant clumps of winter flowering Iris unguicularis to brighten a dry, sunny spot at the base of a wall or fence, and use blooms as cut flowers to bring indoors.


Create striking winter displays by choosing some of the following for your planting combinations:

All the above are grown on our Exeter nursery and available to buy from our garden centres or by calling 01392 876281.