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Gardening jobs for July

Lawn care

  • Fertilize: feed your lawn a fertilizer to promote healthy growth.
  • Weed: weeds grow fast in the hot weather so weed or apply a weed killer.
  • In hot weather, try to keep the lawn watered when possible and reduce stress on the grass by mowing with a higher blade.

Flower garden

  • Cut back growth of the following;
    Perennial border plants, hanging basket plants and Penstemons. This will keep borders and baskets looking neat and tidy and will also encourage more growth!
  • Dead-head roses unless you want rose hips.
  • Train and tie climbing plants.
  • Support any tall growing herbaceous plants by propping them up with ready made stands or bamboo canes with twine!
Trailing petunias look great in a hanging basket.

Colorful petunias flowers in hanging flower pot at sunrise.


  • Make daily checks on plants in the greenhouse. Water in the morning or at dusk to reduce water loss.
  • Dampen the greenhouse floor to increase humidity on hot dry days.
  • Open vents to allow ventilation.
  • Clear up faded, dead and fallen leaves or flowers as these can spread fungal disease if left to build up.

green house in the home garden, planting cactus nursery.

General Garden Tasks

  • Water containers and baskets, try to use water from water butts when watering as much as possible. Buy one in store now.
  • Top up bird baths, especially in the hot weather!
  • Watch out for pests and disease: slugs, aphids, vine weevils, lily beetles and many other pests are around at the moment– keep a watchful eye out for these so that you can combat them as soon as possible!
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