Spring flowering bulbs

Now’s the time to plant spring flowering bulbs

The majority of spring bulbs benefit from being planted early from September onwards. Even though tulips should not be planted until November it is best to buy them now so you guarantee getting the varieties you like. Planting tulips later in the autumn helps reduce the risk of the fungal disease commonly called tulip fire. 


So what are ‘spring bulbs’?

Well they aren’t light bulbs but they are a similar shape! Flower bulbs are a modified plant stem, which have the purpose of storing food and water for the plant through the cold or dry season. Think of it as an underground holding tank if you will. During the growing season the bulbs will send down roots and send up shoots. These then die back and the energy stored in the bulb until the following year. Bulbs are a great investment as they cost far less than plants and if cared for correctly, should give you years of pleasure and surprises as they pop up!

Planting spring bulbs is an easy way of achieving a colour coordinated spring display. They are also perfect for planting in tubs and containers or in borders. 


How to plant

On the back of each of our bulb packets you will find a handy diagram showing you how far apart and how deep to plant your bulbs. Most bulbs are easy to identify which way they go up. If you use the light bulb image in your head – the bulb goes down and the tip/screw end goes upwards – just like in a ceiling light! Generally you plant bulbs three times their own diameter in depth. It is advisable to use a bulb fibre compost when planting your bulbs. 


What varieties?

We have lots of varieties in stock, from old favourites to new and exciting hybrids. So come and see what takes your fancy and get planting this weekend!


Making a bulb lasagne

If you want to know how to make your own bulb lasagne, take a look at our blog post from November  Here