Plant Summer Flowering Bulbs

Now spring is here and the soil is starting to warm up, you can plant summer flowering bulbs like Alliums, agapanthus and canna lilies. What is even better is that we have just reduced the price on all our summer flowering bulbs by 30%!

How to plant summer flowering bulbs

When you buy flowering bulbs, there should be a description or small drawing to indicate how deep and how far apart you should plant each bulb. If not, use the bulb as a guide and plant it two or three times its depth and use the same gap as widths apart from each other.

Whilst you are thinking of bulbs…

if you already have spring flowering bulbs in your garden, a little bit of Care now will pay great rewards next year. Deadhead daffodils and narcissi by snipping off the dead flower heads before they can go to seed. Give them a liquid feed or a sprinkling of bonemeal and then let the leaves die down naturally. This ensures that all energy and nutrients go to the bulb to give it energy and encouragement to naturalise and bloom well next year.