The Kitchen Garden in June

Gooseberry. Fresh and ripe from the garden.

The Kitchen Garden in June can be a busy time. Here are some tasks you may want to be thinking about:

  1. Continue planting out or direct sowing French and Runner Beans.
  2. Check Gooseberries for sawfly larvae. These look like caterpillars and they will eat all your leaves. Hand-pick (and squash) the culprits or spray with a suitable approved insecticide or organic alternative suitable for use on fruit and vegetable plants.
  3. Protect other soft fruit from hungry birds by securely covering with netting.
  4. Water tomatoes thoroughly and regularly to help prevent blossom end rot.
  5. Sow fennel and oriental greens like pak choi.
  6. Use gaps between your slow maturing brassicas to sow quick maturing salad leaf crops or radishes.
  7. Sow carrots for storing through the winter like Autumn King 2.
  8. If you have leek transplants, plant them when they are pencil thick into deep holes (6 inches deep/15cm) and water well.
  9. Sow squash, sweet corn and pumpkins directly into prepared ground.

For further help and advice please see our helpful staff in store.