Kissing It Better

St Bridget Nurseries was pleased to support the charity Kissing It Better. 

Kissing it Better is about sharing simple healthcare ideas. It is also about harnessing the energy of the most dynamic groups in a local community and inviting them to use their specialist skills to make a difference to the care of patients and their carers within hospitals and care homes.Kissing It Better Charity garden               Jack Simpson Care Home by Kissing It Better

The project in Exeter involved students helping residents to brighten up their outdoor space and create a raised bed that the residents could garden themselves. The project took place at the Jack Simpson care home.

Exeter co-ordinator Lou Mason write to tell us how the project went;

“This raised bed has brought so much pleasure, conversation and activity to Jack Simpson care home. A few of the residents have been bickering over who waters it! It’s just wonderful that they have engaged with the project so well. The residents, school students and I have had such a happy and fun time working on this together. Thank you so much once again for being part of this project and generously donating the soil and perennials”.

Here are some pictures of what they have achieved.