The poinsettia (scientifically known as Euphorbia pulcherrima) has claimed the title of the UK’s most popular houseplant during the Christmas season.

Recognised as the Christmas Star flower, this plant hails from Mexico and sees over eight million sales in the UK annually. Blooming from mid-November to January, the poinsettia serves as an iconic festive adornment for homes, second only to the Christmas tree.

Poinsettias are commonly seen as challenging to care for, yet by adhering to some simple guidelines, your plant can flourish throughout the Christmas season and beyond.

Top tips for caring for your poinsettia

Place poinsettias away from drafts to prevent leaf loss, favouring warmth and light in sheltered spots.

Keep poinsettias in temperatures between 15-22°C, preferring light over shade but tolerating winter sunlight near a south-facing window.

Use soft rainwater for poinsettias; it’s best. Otherwise, reduce tap water’s mineral content by boiling, standing, using distilled water, or a filter.

Ensure the plant’s root ball remains moderately moist, avoiding overwatering to prevent water-logging and root rot.

Regularly inspect leaves for yellowing or dropping, as overwatering might be an issue.

Water when the soil is dry, potentially daily near a radiator or every few days elsewhere. Check by fingertip or weight, ensuring soil saturation occasionally.

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