Green ‘pea soup’ water in ponds

Lots of customers are having problems with their ponds because the water is turning green. Green ‘pea soup’ water in your pond is awful but alas, it can be treated.

Caused by algae growth more often than not, this problem is usually due to a lack of aquatic plants – or the wrong balance of plants. However there are other contributing factors to consider.

What to do about it

Start by making sure the pond is stocked with plenty of oxygenating plants – usually one bunch for every 2 square metres of water surface.

Other plants are also essential for healthy, clear water; for instance you could add plenty of marginal plants. These are best planted around the edges and will cover at least one-third of the water surface such as waterlilies.

Taking these steps will help keep the water cool and shaded from sunlight – preventing rapid algae growth.

Other points to consider are a build-up of rotting vegetation and other material in the water such as fish food from overfeeding. Both are key reasons that lead to unwanted algal growth.

To keep this at bay, remember to always remove leaves and other plant debris floating in the pond and don’t overfeed your fish.

Another way to improve the situation is by adding organic barley-straw or an algaecide to the water (always read the label first and check suitability if you have fish in the pond).

If all else fails, the best way of keeping the water clear is to install a pond pump and filter.

If you’re not sure what will work best for your pond then ask our expert staff for advice – we’re here to help. Our Aquatics Department is at our Sidmouth Road, Clyst St Mary, Exeter Garden Centre (01392 876281).