There’s so much we gardeners can do for wildlife. Large or small, lawn or courtyard, our gardens provide a patchwork of green spaces for wildlife. While your space might not provide the complete habitat some species need to breed, it may provide the food they need to find that new mate or place to build a nest. So making a conscious effort to provide wildlife with shelter, food and water in your garden is a great idea.

Help Birds Build Their Nests

Put nesting material out for birds. Placing it in an empty fat ball feeder is perfect but leaving it on a bird table or on a wall is equally suitable. Wool or hair groomed from pets or humans is perfect for birds to heave into their nests. Don’t forget to put up nest boxes in your garden too, to make the perfect home for your garden birds. We have a lovely selection of nest boxes in our garden centre with different sized entrance holes to attract different garden birds.

Keep your bird feeders full too, as the breeding season puts a great strain on the garden birds. All that singing takes a lot of energy, so make sure the food you offer is high calorie and good quality.

Welcome Back Hungry Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs will begin to emerge from hibernation – they’ll be hungry and thirsty. Don’t feed bread or milk as it is bad for them. A shallow dish of water and some specialist hedgehog food (like our Brambles range available in store) or dog food will be welcomed.

Ensure Access to Your Pond

Make sure your garden pond has a ramp to help wildlife get in and out of the pond. A gentle ramp of stones is best as the use of a stick could pierce your pond liner.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to make your garden more wildlife friendly, visit our garden centre and speak to one of our knowledgeable team.