End of the January blues - let's get gardening

So we’re nearly there, the end of the January blues – let’s get gardening!

Sow your vegetable seeds

As we near February it’s a good time to consider what vegetables you want to grow in the garden. Many vegetable seeds can be sown indoors from February such as Asparagus, Beetroot, Summer Cabbage, Lettuce, Parsley, Early peas, Radishes and Spinach. Always take a look at the back of seed packets as they tell you how many seeds you will get and how much space you will need ultimately to grow the plants successfully.

Many seeds have F1 in their names and customers ask me what this means. Put simply F1 represents a scientifically bred variety that has been produced to maximise the strengths of two different varieties. A breeder may observe, for example, a very good taste from one variety but poor growth habit, whilst another variety may look good but not taste as nice. The best plants of each type are taken and self pollinated in isolation each year, repeated for years to create a pure line, the pure lines are then cross pollinated to give a variety that is nice in appearance and taste. Due to the many years it takes to produce an F1 hybrid these seeds are at the premium end of prices.

Both our garden centres have a wide selection of vegetable and flower seeds in stock along. You will find seed trays, propagators, markers and seed compost too. Our team are always at hand to help you find what you need.

Instant colour

Finally, if you plant one plant this week I recommend a winter flowering heather. Affordable and beautiful, these plants are perfect for early spring flowers loved by bees. They are perfect for rock gardens, containers and as low maintenance ground cover. They come in shades of pink, purple and white.

I look forward to meeting you at one of our Exeter based garden centres soon.

Tammy, Managing Director