Before you light your bonfire

Don’t forget to check for unsuspecting guests


It’s that time of year for clearing out the debris, cutting back and generally tidying up the garden area before the winter season rolls in, but before you put your garden clutter in a pile for burning, here’s a few useful tips to ensure you’ve taken every effort to avoid hurting any precious wildlife such as hedgehogs, toads, frog and news and slow worms that may be hiding underneath.










To ensure a safer habitat for your garden residents why not consider extending the ways in which your outdoor space can provide safety and comfort to insects, mammals and amphibians.

We have a wonderful range of ponds, pumps, filters, plants and gravel and very knowledgeable staff on site that can offer advice or answer your questions so please don’t hesitate to ask for advice should you need it.

If you’re catering to the needs of garden animals such as birds, squirrels and hedgehogs, we offer various shelter and housing solutions as well as foods specific for their dietary needs. Hedgehogs are dangerously lactose intolerant so a small shallow bowl of water and some dry hedgehog food (Tom Chambers Hungry Hedgehog food- £4.00 for 0.75g bag – price as of October 2018) will do just nicely.


Happy bonfire-ing everyone!