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New radio advert- your favourite garden tasks

Our new radio advert

For our radio adverts this year, we want to know YOUR favourite and least favourite aspects of gardening. Asking around proved hugely entertaining and comforted us with the knowledge that here at St Bridget Nurseries we can often alleviate the pain of your most dreaded gardening tasks!

Listen here

Listen to our radio advert here, or tune in to Heart Radio Exeter to hear it live!


Our conversation with this delightful lady introduced us to an unusual least favourite task; planting and ‘plomping ‘ the plants in. Whilst we searched high and low for the meaning of ‘plomping’ all we could find was a non-dictionary definition ‘to plomp’ as to sit down after a long and exhausting day. Despite no mention of planting, or in fact proof that the word exists, we have keenly adopted the word ‘plomping’. It is already a firm favourite in our St Bridget garden dictionary!

Tammy’s favourite jobs

We also asked Tammy, our managing director, to share her most and least loved jobs in the garden.

Although Tammy really shouldn’t have favourites, when asked she replied this;

“Dead heading flowers is my favourite job, I find it so therapeutic and great for stress relief. My least favourite is definitely forking into heavy and hard clay soil, I always shout for help when it comes to that job!”

What about you?

We’d love to hear what you love and hate doing in the garden, let us know on our FaceBook page by using our brand new hashtag #welovegardening.

For all those jobs you don’t love like “bending over and plomping” in the plants, our garden centre teams can help you find something to make these jobs a little more lovable!

Heart Radio Logo

Our brand new Autumn Radio Advert is here

We love working with the Heart creative team on our radio adverts. Trying to communicate all that we do within 30 seconds is quite difficult.

Autumn garden tips

To summarise the important tasks in your garden to focus on in the autumn we recommend the following:

  • Plant spring flowering bulbs
  • Give the lawn a bit of TLC, scarifying, aerating and feeding with a combined feed and weed treatment.
  • Plant autumn coloured shrubs for stem colour and berries.
  • Plant soft fruit like raspberries and blackberries plus your currants for a bumper crop next year.
  • Buy roses and trees bare rooted – cheaper for you, better for the plant.
  • Update the tool shed, clear out all your old and unwanted hand tools in our tool recycling programme. We’ll give you 10% off the price of new tools in return.

Have a listen to our Heart Radio advert.

Heart Radio Logo

Heart Radio Logo