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Tammy Falloon - Managing Director and fourth generation family owner

Tips from Tammy – January

January can be a harsh month and one where we don’t venture out into the garden very much, if at all. But it’s also the time of year when gardens are planned and we can start to get some of those early seeds on their way, ready to provide food for our tables or flowers for our gardens and homes.

Tips from Tammy – January

Get some early veg off to a flying start – it’s time to ‘chit’ your potatoes. Chitting means getting the tuber to start sprouting. It’s quick and simple to do. Buy some healthy seed potato tubers, there are some lovely floors and types of potato to chose from. You then place the tubers into an egg carton or egg tray with the eye of the potato facing upwards. Leave them in a cool light place (a garage or porch) but just ensure it is fairly light.

Storm damage?

The recent storms we have experienced may have damaged your garden plants. It is worth checking your tree ties and stakes, replacing and tightening where necessary. If you have newly planted trees and shrubs, that are still establishing themselves, it is also worth firming them back in the ground if they have been lifted by the winds or frost heave. You can protect vulnerable plants from further storms by erecting temporary netting windbreaks if no natural shelter exists. Additionally if hard frosts are forecast, create a cover of horticultural fleece for the plant’s head and protect roots with a thick dry mulch of chunky chip bark, which will also suppress weed growth in the spring.
When you pop in to see us, bring the name or a picture of your plant and we’ll help you find the best protection option.