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Heavenly Hydrangeas

We’re having a late spring/early summer show of heavenly hydrangeas at our Clyst St Mary Garden Centre.


At St Bridget’s we grow six different species of hydrangea! The most showy of these are Mop-heads (Hydrangea macrophylla).


Hydrangea plants are versatile shrubs for any garden, they can put up with soils many other plants can’t tolerate so they’re a great go-to shrub for that problem patch.


Hydrangea flowers change colour depending on the acidity of your soil.


Acid soils turns the blooms blue whilst alkaline makes them pink!


Pink Hydrangea Plants

When planted in alkaline soils hydrangeas will turn pink in colour.

Hydrangea colourant and simple soil testing kits are available in store though we always suggest checking before making a special journey. Simply email us via gardening@stbridgetnurseries.co.uk
White Hydrangea

Stunning white hydrangeas create a bright impact and work well when underplanted with silver foliage plants like helichrysum.

It’s Hydrangea Season

It’s Hydrangea season!

This stunning Hydrangea macrophylla Renata is usually blue in colour but will change colour with the pH of the soil. The more alkaline the soil, the pinker the flowers. The more acidic the soil, the bluer the flowers.  To keep your hydrangeas blue, plant in a pot filled with ericaceous compost you can also add aluminium to the soil. Some people add aluminium can shavings to the soil but a hydrangea colourant is perhaps easier and available from our garden centres. To keep your hydrangea pink, use a fertiliser with high levels of phosphorus to prevent aluminium being absorbed. Fertilisers usually display content as NPK, P being the phosphorus so look for one in the ratio of 25/10/10