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April in the garden a colourful time

April in the garden

With so many plants coming back into life this month, it is a joyous month to be out in the garden. Here are our top tips for things to do in the garden this April.

April in the kitchen garden

Sow brassicas directly into the open ground in prepared seedbeds. Transplant to wider spacings in June.

Sow chard, coriander, beetroot, parsley and carrots in  cold greenhouse to plant out later.

Put tomato seedlings into individual pots when they have their first true leaves.

Finish planting shallot and onion sets plus seed grown onions.

April in the wildlife garden

Clean your birdbath and ensure they are regularly topped up with fresh water.

Create shelter for wildlife in hidden out of the way places, log, stick or rock piles are ideal.

Sow wildflower seeds. Annuals will give instant colour this summer or perennial mixes will give a longer term display.

April in the ornamental garden

Cut back Cotinus and Sambucus to encourage larger bolder leaves rather than flowers. The foliage interest is greatest when it contrasts with nearby finer foliaged plants.

Remove dead daffodil and tulip flowers but allow the leaves to die back naturally as you need them to fertilise the bulbs and encourage more flowers next year.

Direct sow annuals like Californian poppies, pot marigolds and sunflowers.

If you agapanthus are in pots and have started to reduce the amount of flowers compared to previous years then divide the clump and re plant.

Plant out autumn sown sweet pea plants or direct sow seeds outdoors.

Remove any dead plants that did not survive the winter and re-plant with new evergreen trees and shrubs.

April lawns

Repair hollows in the lawn by peeling back turf and adding or removing soil accordingly.

Apply a spring feed to the lawn. To save time use a combined product that feeds and weeds. After applying moss killer to lawns rake out blackened moss and thatch.

For all your seeds, plants, compost and pots visit one of our two Exeter based garden centres and have fun this April in the garden.