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Croquet set the perfect lawn game

Outdoor family fun & games!

Outdoor fun & games!

We want to bring together families and the great outdoors this summer! Outdoor games are wonderful to play together as a family and will keep children captivated for hours.

The games that we stock are high quality wooden games that will stay with your family for years into the future! They also make excellent gifts to families and children this season, providing a summer full of outdoor fun.

We currently stock the following;

Croquet set the perfect lawn gameCroquet set; Not only is croquet one of the most traditional English Lawn games, but it is also hugely entertaining. Simply get all of the balls through the hoops before your opposition, in reality not as simple as it sounds! A classic family game for up to four players! (£30.00)


Quoits a fun family outdoor gameQuoits; Quoits is a great lawn game that tests accuracy and becomes competitive very quickly! With easy to follow rules it is perfect for families with younger children and can be played as teams or individuals. Simply throw your rope hoop over the wooden sticks from the established distance and get the number of points marked below the stick you managed to get the hoop over! (£12.00)

Giant Tic Tac Toe; The fun of noughts and crosses on a giant scale! Enjoy this simple game on the lawn by laying out the large rope marker and playing as with the wooden noughts and crosses. (£33.00)



Wooden Tumbling TowerWooden Tumbling Tower; An excellent game for families of all ages and those with younger children. Assembling the tower before the game is equally as fun as tactfully removing the bricks one at a time until the ‘loser’ causes the whole structure to collapse! (£45.00)



Deluxe Flying Ring; a great toy for children to play with in the garden practising their accuracy and trying to learn the skill of throwing a flying ring! (£4.50)