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Feed your lawn

April is probably the first month of the year when you can really start giving your lawn some TLC again. It is the best month to apply weed and moss killer and the time to apply the first fertiliser of the year.

When to feed

If you really want a lawn worthy of Wembley or Wimbledon then you need to feed your lawn four times a year during the growing season and we suggest this is done in April, June, August and October. Most people however just do the important spring feed and maybe a final autumn feed in October.


Depending on the size of your lawn you can either use a handheld applicator (as pictured) or we have a push along one you can hire from us. Both of these scatter the granular fertiliser. You can buy your weed or moss treatment separately or the most time friendly option is to buy a 3-in-1 product.

Both our garden centres have these treatments in their lawn care section. Please ask a member of staff for assistance in choosing the right product for your garden.

Want to start again

If you have patches of your lawn that are so tired or diseased, you may wish to consider sowing some new grass seed or some rolls of turf. If you do sow grass seed, don’t apply a fertiliser as the product may scorch the seed and fresh new roots.

We receive turf weekly on a Friday during the lawn growing season. Please call in advance to check we have stock before you make a special journey.