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How to care for your garden beds & borders this July

We’ve been asked what maintenance beds and borders need at this time of year, here is our handy how to care guide.

Many plants that have produced their first flush of summer flowers, especially bedding plants and roses, will produce even more flowers if you regularly remove the faded flowers and seed heads/pods.

Many herbaceous perennials will also produce a second flush of flowers if the flowering stems are cut right back to ground level. Those with faded or damaged leaves can also be tidied up by removing this foliage.

After cutting back, we like to feed them with a high potash liquid fertiliser this helps encourage strong growth and further flushes of flowers.

All bedding plants and anything planted from last autumn onwards, will benefit from a good soaking once a week during hot and dry weather.

Finally, we recommend adding a thick mulch of bark, cocoa shell or gravel to moist soil as it will help to conserve soil moisture and keep weeds away.

In addition to this, laying down mulch provides a great way of insulating plant roots so they don’t become scorched in the sun.


Happy gardening everyone!