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Thu 16 Aug 2018

City Gardening

City Gardening Balcony and Rooftop gardens Being in a city isn’t the be all and end all for gardening! Similarly if you can’t get an allotment or even don’t think that you could manage such a big task there are still gardening opportunities! Here are a few clever tips and tricks for making the most […]

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Fri 7 Jul 2017

Pot ponds

When it comes to having a pond, you don’t need a mansion with a pond the size of a lake (though if you have a mansion why not)! Many ponds, especially ponds for wildlife, can be created in a simple pot. As well as attracting a range of insect life and maybe the odd amphibian, […]

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Tue 23 Feb 2016

Building a Rockery

A rockery is a great way to interest and colour in any garden, one can also look fantastic when constructed near a garden pool or around a waterfall. Here is our guide to building a rockery. Start by making sure your ground is weed free, measure the area you wish to turn into a rockery […]

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Mon 8 Feb 2016

Early Spring Colour with Camellias

Get some Early Spring Colour with Camellias, highly valued for their stunning floral displays and fresh, glossy, evergreen foliage. Gary propagates all our Camellias by hand from cuttings each year and it takes about 3-5 years to get to the wonderful bushy forms you can find in our garden centre. With 31 varieties available in […]

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Wed 6 Jan 2016

Top Tips for adding colour this winter

Here are our top tips for adding extra colour to your garden this winter. Choose your planting sites carefully. Ensure new plants are positioned in full view from a window or prime position by patio doors so you can enjoy them every time you look outside on dull days. Add winter colour to your front garden […]

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Wed 8 Jul 2015

Sensory Garden - Sight

For those of us lucky to have good eye sight we really should enjoy the rainbow of colours that nature provides us for our gardens. Working with our charity of the year, Devon In Sight, we really are learning just how valuable our senses are and how to maximise the use of the senses we […]

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Thu 21 May 2015

How to be a show garden winner!

News just in – we’re remaining champions at the Devon County Show – a large gold medal and the winner of the Midmay-White Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the best exhibit in the Flower and Garden Show. Well done to the team involved Gary, Rob and Tammy.     Above is Gary’s masterpiece – letters and […]

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Wed 20 May 2015

How to create a show garden - day two

Well we’ve just spent another 9 hours out at the Westpoint show ground completing our display. It’s hard to know where the time goes as at first glance we had most plants in place at the end of last night but believe me, no time was wasted! Our first job was to moss around visible […]

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Thu 7 May 2015

Sensory garden ideas - sound!

We are going to write a series of articles giving sensory garden ideas, We all take our senses for granted but what if you loose one of your senses? Research shows that your other senses become stronger. In the garden we can add elements to appeal to all our senses and everyone can benefit from them […]

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