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Drought tolerant plants

With the recent beautiful sustained sunshine we’ve been having; lots of our customers are asking about drought tolerant plants.

There are numerous plants that can tolerate dry conditions and make excellent colourful garden features. These plants have developed ways of coping with drought conditions – including fleshy, hairy or waxy leaves, silvery or grey leaves and even reduced thin grass-like leaves or thorns.

We recommend looking at Ceanothus, Ceratostigma, Cistus, Cytisus, Euonymus, Hebe, Lavender, Rosemary, Red Hot Poker, Catmint and Sea Holly. Of course there are many others to consider so have a think about what you are looking for or ask one of our experts for advice if none of these are quite right for your needs. Our nursery staff are always very obliging, happy to help and share a wealth of knowledge should you need some advice.

Bear in mind that nearly all of them only become drought tolerant once they are well established. So, water them in well after planting – give a good soaking every week or so rather than little and often. This ensures that they become established as soon as possible.

Applying a thick mulch of bark, cocoa shell or gravel after planting will help insulate the roots from hot, sunny conditions and maintain soil moisture. Remember to lay down mulch only when the soil is already moist, as it will ensure a good level is locked in from the start.

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Happy gardening everyone!