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Young hedgehog

Exeter Wildlife Garden Award

Exeter Wildlife Garden Award

The innovation

The importance of wildlife is easily undermined in a city, so making a conscious effort to provide wildlife with shelter, food and water in your garden is a great idea. The Devon Wildlife Trust is creating a map of wildlife gardens across Exeter by identifying wildlife gardens across the city. To read more about the project visit their website.

The award

Everyone who applies and fulfils 6 of their requirements (at least one from each column) will receive a plaque to display outside their garden, a certificate and a packet of wildflower seeds.

The criteria

How we can help

At St Bridget Nurseries we have a range of ways that you can make your garden wildlife friendly! Here are the things we can supply you with to help you fit the criteria and receive your award!

photograph of bird care section in orlBird Feeders. We have a range of bird feeders and food in our garden centres for birds of different species and sizes. These not only look great and are long lasting quality, they are also designed to allow birds to easily take their food. Why not really treat the birds with our peanut butter treat from only £4!Peanut butter for bird treat



Insect lodge to attract wildlife to the garden

Insect Lodge

Habitat for butterflies and moths

Butterfly and Lacewing House

Bird and insect boxes. Our garden centres are not only full of bird boxes of different shapes and sizes but also innovative bug and insect boxes. We have a great ‘insect lodge’ and a ‘butterfly and lacewing house’ among many other great houses and boxes!



Nectar rich flowers.  Our favourite nectar rich flowers are of course Buddlejas (our plant of the month this July- read more here) Rhododendrons, Honeysuckle and Hebe. Don’t forget that bees also love colourful plants so why not add something like a bright and vibrant Cistus!

Cistus are colourful and attract bees

Cistus x purpureus has such a vivid colour that will attract wildlife.

Rhododendron high in nectar

Rhododendrons are nectar rich flowers that bees and butterflies love!









Flowers, fruits, seeds, shrubs and trees. We can certainly help you furnish your wildlife gardens with these! Pop into our garden centres to see our huge range and chose your favourite.

Water butts. These are extremely important in saving water and also great for wildlife (read about being waterwise in our blog).


Apply for your award here!

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