Nursery Tree Field Tour

View hundreds of ornamental, native & fruit trees growing in our field on our unique nursery tree field tour. Learn how we propagate trees and what horticultural terms mean for you, such as rootstocks, pollination groups & tree shapes. 

What the tour includes

You will be guided to the tree field by our fourth generation family owner, Tammy Falloon. Tammy will explain the production process as well as show you the various stages of tree growth from a newly grafted rootstock to one year maiden all the way upto four year old trees. We will explain what rootstocks are available and the importance of knowing what rootstock your tree has before you buy.  We will also show you the different trained fruit tree shapes available (de-mystifying a cordon from an espalier) and how you can ensure your fruit trees produces a heavy crop through successful pollination. At the end of the talk, you will be free to wander the field and order trees. This event will take place at our nursery in Old Rydon Lane. Please wear suitable outdoor clothing; the tour is in an open ground field that is uneven, occasionally muddy and definitely exposed to the elements! Advance booking essential. All ticket money will go to our charity of the year Children's Hospice South West. Please note that this tour occurs on Remembrance Day and as such a two minute silence will be held during this tour at 11am.  

Price :

Date :
Fri 11 Nov

Time :
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Location :
St Bridget Nurseries

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