Wonderful New Rose Varieties

We have some Wonderful New Rose Varieties available now in our garden centres that were showcased for the first time at our July Nursery Rose Tours. As a member of the British Rose Growers Association, we are proud to say all our roses are grown by us, in Exeter, Devon, England! We propagate each rose by hand using the process known as grafting and ‘T budding’. Each rose started the process some 22 months ago when we planted the rootstocks. For the new varieties detailed below we have to buy in ‘bud wood’ from rose breeders (such as David Austin) and this provides us with the leaf buds we need to graft onto our rootstocks. I won’t detail the full process here (save it for another blog one day) but all you need to know is – what Wonderful New Rose Varieties have we got for sale this year? Here is your answer:

For hybrid teas (roses with shapely blooms perfect for cutting) we have four wonderful new varieties:

Loving Mum (SMI36/1/02) Scalloped edged, lightly scented blooms in vibrant orange.

Pink Perfection (Korcoluma) Double bright pink blooms with a deeper centre. Strong perfume.

Sunny Sky (Koraruli) Voted Rose of the Year 2016 this is a prolific producer of of honey yellow flowers on long stems. Fruity fragrance.

Whiter Shade of Pale (Peafanfare) Pale Pink repeat blooms, excellent disease resistance and wonderfully fragrant.

For floribundas (large clusters of flowers) we have

Friend’s Forever (Korapriber) Has an abundance of fragrant large double flowers opening to pure pink. Compact habit.

In the David Austin / English rose section we have two lovely new varieties, namely:

Princess Anne (Auskitchen) Pink rosettes fading to lilac tones, medium fragrance and good disease resistance.

The Generous Gardener (Ausdrawn) Very soft pink, water-lily like blooms. Strong old rose/myrrh fragrance.

Finally within the climbing and rambling section we have:

Ali Baba (Chewalibaba) Flowers in hues of red, peach, orange and salmon with a passion fruit fragrance.

Gardener’s Glory (Chewability) Golden yellow flowers, with strong sweet fragrance. Good disease resistance.

There is still time to order any of the above varieties as bare root specimens (best for planting in the winter and cheaper) or they are availble in our garden centres as containerised plants. To order please e-mail sales@stbridgetnurseries.co.uk or call 01392 876281

All the photographs below are copyright of St Bridget Nurseries.