Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring Flowering Bulbs

Our spring flowering bulbs will be arriving into the Garden centres just in time for the Bank Holiday Weekend (25th August).  Buying your spring bulbs early ensures that you will get the best selection! Plant your bulbs soon for the best growth possible come March and April and a stunning display of flowers. Read our tips on planting spring flowering bulbs below and the specific care advice for some of our favourites including daffodils, tulips and hyacinths.








Forcing hyacinths indoors;

Hyacinths are a Christmas favourite and are often forced to grow indoors to flower in time for a lovely display. If you wish to do this follow these steps;

  1. 1. Half fill a pot with compost and don’t compact it
  2. 2. Place your bulbs on top, they can be close to eachother but don’t let them touch
  3. 3. Place more compost around the bulbs until only the tips of the bulbs are showing
  4. 4. Now compact the compost gently
  5. 5. Water them, being cautious not to overwater
  6. 6. Move to a dark and cool place to store ( a temperature around 7°C is ideal). This may be in a garage, shed or cellar. It’s important that you check on them often to make sure that they don’t dry out. They will probably take around 10 weeks in the cool.
  7. 7. As the shoots reach around 1 inch you can slwly increase temperature and light exposure. Then once they have reached 2.5 inches they can be brought inside. They are probably around 3 weeks away from flowering.

Aftercare for spring bulbs – why do i always have to leave the foliage to go brown?

We recommend leaving the leaves on any spring bulbs for as long as 6 weeks after flowering. Similarly we suggest trying to minimise the number of leaves you remove when cutting the flowers. This is because after flowering the bulbs begin to prepare for next year. The leaves are photosynthesising to create food for the bulb to store for next year. The more food they have for next year, the more successful their growth will be!