Creating your dream outdoor space

When it comes to creating your dream outdoor space, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Many people are prevented from fulfilling their garden’s potential as they believe they can’t garden. Stop there. Everyone can garden. The secret to success and enjoyment is to know what you want and pick plants that don’t require fingers in the shade of green!

That’s where we come along. Our staff LOVE gardening. They’ve either studied it, learnt practically, or have a natural flair for it. They are the experts so you don’t have to be. What’s more, they’ve been busy making small displays to show how you can create an impact in a small space.

So have a think – forget what your garden looks like now – how do you want it to be? What do you want to do in it (relax, play, entertain, watch wildlife or eat it)? How much time do you want to spend caring for the plants? Come and tell us (or email or call) and let’s try and get to that dream garden.