Our charity of the year 2015 is Devon In Sight

Our charity of the year 2015 is Devon In Sight and throughout the year we have been busy fund-raising for them, as well as replanting their resource centre garden in Topsham. It was’t until our recent rose tours though that we appreciated just how many of our customers the charity could assist and having spoken to one lady who was bowled over by how relevant and potentially beneficial the contact with Devon In Sight could be, we decided we must shout about the charity more. So PLEASE read on as on average by the age of 65 one in five of us will be suffering with a form of sight loss, by 90 years of age that becomes every one in every two of us.

Devon in Sight is a local charity (based in Topsham) providing a range of practical help and advice to people affected by sight loss, with the aim of promoting independence, well-being and choice. Their registered charity name is Devon County Association for the Blind and they were formed in 1925 and along with us, they are celebrating their 90th anniversary year!

In essence, the charity picks off from where the hospital will leave you if you are suffering with sight loss.

Devon In Sight services are:

If you are suffering from sight loss get in touch with the very friendly and trustworthy team. Simply call 01392 876666 or visit http://devoninsight.org.uk

If you consider yourself to have good vision, then please get a regular eye test. Although you may not notice any changes in your sight there are potentially things going on inside your eye that could be detected at a sight test and if detected early enough, could prevent you from loosing your sight.

We are proud that our charity of the year 2015 is Devon In Sight. Collection boxes are available by each of our tills, please give generously next time you visit us.