New look cafe at Clyst St Mary

We’re delighted to announce that our Clyst St Mary garden centre cafe is open again. Over the last two weeks we’ve been busy laying new floors, building partitions, painting walls, buying new chairs and lights and devising a delicious new menu and we did it to schedule!

New look new name

Our new name is the 1925 Kitchen.

We chose this name to reflect our heritage. St Bridget Nurseries was founded in 1925 and over the last 90 plus years we’ve grown to have two sites (one in Old Rydon Lane and one at Clyst St Mary). The 1925 kitchen is building on our core values to offer excellence and quality through catering and providing our customers with a relaxing environment to have breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea.

Delicious 1925 Kitchen menu

The 1925 Kitchen Menu and over the next year we will be making seasonal changes and additions so do keep coming back to see what is new.

We’re also excited to launch a new children’s lunchbox deal. Children can select any five items from the lunchbox range. Our very first customer for this was the fifth generation of our family  (our founders great-great grandchild) Ethan. Ethan (age 4) said it was yummy and certainly all that was left were crumbs!

Look out for other new additions like the chocolate sprinkled pattern on your cappuccino.

We hope you will visit soon enjoy the tasty menu, we’ll be having an official launch in a few weeks time.

Our new 1925 Kitchen seating area. Dogs and children welcome.