March - plant herbs

You can’t beat using herbs that have been freshly picked from the garden. You don’t have to have a separate herb garden, since most herbs are very attractive with ornamental flowers and foliage, and beautiful scents – making them great additions for mixed beds and borders. Even if you don’t have a big garden you can grow most herbs in pots on the patio where they’ll be handy to pick.

Most herbs come from warm regions of the world so need to be grown in a sunny position and need well-drained soil. If you’re going to add herbs to mixed beds then look out for the ornamental coloured-leaf varieties of thyme, marjoram, sage and oregano. Rosemary is another excellent choice for these situations.

Basil and Coriander are also very popular these days. Both are annuals that can easily be grown from seed or you can buy young plants to grow on.

Both our garden centres stock herbs all year round and the varieties we stock will vary with the seasons so pop in to see what is flavour of this month.