Christmas Trees

We have a wonderful selection of top grade Christmas trees for sale in our garden centres. Our grade 1 cut trees have: bushy appearance, uniform colour, dense even branching and a central straight leader. In addition we have pot grown trees to grow on outdoors after Christmas (be careful of inferior potted trees as they aren’t the same thing). Potted trees are dug from a field, may have their roots cut to fit and then put in a pot of compost. Pot grown trees are grown in the pot so their root system is complete and viable for planting out in the garden.

We’ll also have some standard grade trees cut from our own fields. These maybe a little misshapen and less bushy but still stunning and perfect for decorating.

Order Online

If you can’t make it to our garden centres or live beyond our delivery zones, why not try our new online Christmas Tree website? The tree you pick online is the tree you get. Click here to order online.  Just pick your tree from our website and the exact tree you choose will be delivered to your door – anywhere in the UK thanks to our suppliers Needlefresh.