Autumn is nature's preferred time to plant

It’s Autumn and the best time to get gardening, intact Autumn is nature’s preferred time to plant. Why?

The soil is still nice and warm from the summer, it’s moist from the autumn rain and so easy to dig. Additionally  it’s when many plants are dormant and so you can move/introduce them to your garden and they will slowly establish their roots through the autumn and winter ready to bloom into life in the spring. Additionally, autumn and winter is the only time of year that you can buy trees and roses bare rooted.

Bare rooted means that your plant comes to you with no soil or pot around its roots. Fear not, the plant is dormant and actually does extremely well if planted in this nature. We recommend you sprinkle a mycorrhizal fungi product (such as root grow or rootsure) on the roots before planting a suitable hole with compost. As we propagate and grow our own roses and trees on our Exeter nursery in open ground fields, we can offer them to you as bare root specimens. Order now for delivery or collection between November and March.