A host of golden daffodils


It’s only when there are masses of golden yellow flowers everywhere in March and April that many of us realise that once again we forgot to plant daffodil bulbs last year.

Change that pattern this year by making a note in your diary now (go on, you know you’ll forget again otherwise). Put the entry in for early September to visit our garden centre and pick up the spring flowering bulbs you want.

In the mean time, if you can’t wait that long, pop into the garden centre where we have a delightful range of planted bulbs. These bulbs are in 9cm pots and can be planted in larger containers or your open garden. They will perform just like any other spring bulb in that they will keep appearing in the same place (providing you don’t disturb them) spring after spring. We have lots of varieties to choose from including various daffodils, narcissi, tulips, hyacinths, crocus, anemones etc.

So be inspired by Wordsworth and plant a host of golden daffodils! Daffodils are great in pots or in garden borders or naturalising in your lawn. Plant once and they will bring joy year after year.